Aduro LED Mask – Red

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The Aduro Single Red LED Mask offers targeted light to combat signs of ageing. The light penetrates deep within the skin and boosts cellular activity, prompting fibroblast activity and increased collagen production that help ward off the signs of ageing.

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Aduro Red LED Facial Mask

What causes aging?

Aging is something everyone tries to hide as long as possible. We are all well aware that aging is part of life. It is unstoppable as time passes but with the Red LED Mask we can influence this process in a positive way.

As we get older we lose Collagen and Hyaluronic acid within the skin. The loss of these components makes the skin more susceptible to damage and wrinkling. There are all kinds of factors that accelerate this process, such as bad nutrition, stress, smoking, drugs and pollution for example.

How to reduce signs of aging?

This is where the Aduro red light therapy becomes important. The skin has a wonderful ability to absorb light energy. The skin utilizes the absorbed light energy to kick-start the cells into producing more cellular fuel (ATP) that in turn boosts their performance. The Aduro Single Red LED mask is clinically proven and offers a therapeutic light treatment that is safe, non-invasive and chemical free. Red light therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing winkles, soothing the skin and firming aged and tired skin. Aduro Single Red is designed specifically for skin rejuvenation and will not darken or tan your skin.

How does red light therapy reduces wrinkles?

Red LED light therapy produces remarkable responses within the body. LED light therapy is unique with its ability to help the body’s own natural healing. Due to the exposure to LED therapy the charged cells use this energy to prompt skin fibroblasts to produce increased levels of collagen, elastin proteins and stimulates the body’s natural rejuvenating processes. By restoring the Collagen and Hyaluronic acid within the skin, the body is able to improve hydration levels, strength the skin and reduce signs of ageing.

How does it work?


The rejuvenating red light penetrates deep within the skin, boosting collagen production and elastic fibre activity, which help to reduce/remove fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a protein found in connective tissues throughout your body, and as such, collagen is a major component of your skin. As you age, your skin’s inner layer loses collagen and as a result becomes less supple and firm and more vulnerable to damage and wrinkling.

Red light therapy is a safe and natural treatment, which has a vast range of benefits to the skin. Benefits include improved skin tone as well as a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. The red light therapy results imply that aged skin is rejuvenated! The results is a new younger look.


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