Aduro LED Mask 7+1

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The Aduro® 7+1 LED Face Mask is our most advanced mask for home treatments. The 7+1 mask combines all of the benefits of 7 different colors of Infa-Red light with skin boosting Technology.  Look and feel younger!

The light from the mask penetrates deep into your skin and offers the most diversion solution to your skin imperfections.  Aduro® LED Light masks fight ageing, wrinkles, redness, skin imperfections and improves your skin-color.

See all 7+1 colors in the images.

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7+1 Light Therapy

The Aduro 7-1 LED Face Mask is our most advanced LED mask for home use. Combining all the benefits of 7 LED colors with added Infra-Red Skin Boosting technology, which penetrates deeper into the skin than any other facial mask and offers the most diverse solution to skin imperfections available. We deliver Worldwide, for free of course.

Skin imperfections and problems

Aging, acne, uneven skin tones and redness can make you lose confidence. Skin problems are caused by various factors–some of which you can control like not smoking and maintaining good nutritional habits, while some are out of your control such as the passage of time. But…what if we told you we can help you with these kinds of problems?

How can LED light improve the skin?

Various LED lights cure various skin problems and imperfections. The Aduro 7+1 LED Face mask combines all the benefits of 7 different LED light colors and adds our Infra-Red Skin Boosting technology, which penetrates deeper into the skin than any other facial mask and offers the most diverse solution to skin imperfections available. The Aduro 7+1 is proven clinically and offers a therapeutic light treatment that is safe, non-invasive and chemical free. The Aduro 7+1 has shown to be effective in clearing up acne, reducing wrinkles, evening skin tones, reducing redness, skin revitalization, soothing irritations, cell rejuvenation and also boosting the skins appearance.

How does it work?

When the selected light penetrates into the skin, photon energy is transferred to the cells. Cells convert this energy into ATP (cellular fuel) – and thus boosts cellular activity. The boosted cells will work at an enhanced rate and stimulate the body’s natural rejuvenation responses. Repeated use of the Aduro LED facial mask will increase the desired effect(s), with an increased collagen production and will improve the body’s natural rejuvenation processes – resulting in youthful looking skin and overall improvement in your skin complexion.

About the Aduro 7+1 LED Face Mask

The wonderful thing of the Aduro LED-mask, is that the light treatment is pain free, non-invasive, requires no surgery and is a complete safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The light does not emit any harmful UVA or UVB rays and is not a laser. This means that users require zero down time or recovery time after treatment. Light therapy is medically recognized and clinically proven. Aduro LED light therapy is for skin rejuvenation and will not darken or tan the skin. Although the light is completely safe some people feel that the light is somewhat bright. Therefor we enclose free goggles in the package to minimize discomfort.



Also available for men

While totally safe, the light intensity is intense enough to treat men’s skin which is often stiffer. Even for those with facial hair, the light penetrates well into the skin with the special infrared booster. Wrinkles reduce visibly with a 20-minute treatment applied every other day.







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