is owned and operated by EYE-LENS Private Limited based in Singapore.

Company Name: EYE-LENS Private Limited

Address: 8 Eu Tong Sen Road #19-97, Singapore, 059818

Managing Director: Nir Ellenbogen

Company Email:

Phone Number (English): +65 6323-2883(Hours:09:00-18:00 [GMT+8] on Weekdays)

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 10:00~18:00 [GMT+8]

Corporate Home Page:

Home Page for Aduro LED Mask:

Additional Fees:

1. Shipping:Free
2. Handling:Free
3. Customs/VAT: Depends on location, costs paid by the end customer

Delivery via: FEDEX

Delivery time: Delivery varies by country, but typically will arrive 10-15 working days after your order, but there may be customs delays depending on your country.

Accepted payment methods: Credit Card / Paypal

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for notes concerning returns and shipment/delivery notes.